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We can tackle any type of conversion, the most common being either the conversion of an integral garage or the conversion of a loft space. Both of these are an economical way of adding extra space to your home and in many instance may not require planning permission, all work will however still have to meet the current building regulations.

Garage Conversions

A garage conversion can be the most cost effective ways of adding an extra room to your house and in some properties all that may be required may be infilling the garage door and insulating and finishing the interior.

Loft Conversions

Depending on what options you go for, and because every house is different, the cost of converting a loft can vary considerably. There are two basic types available to you depending on the type of windows you require. The first is a Dormer conversion, and involves an actual extension onto the roof, but provides more usable space. The second is known as a Velux conversion, and this does not require any extension and may not require planning permission.

After deciding on the type of loft conversion you're thinking of, the other main considerations are:

  • Stairs - where they can be sited and the type of staircase or loft ladder you will need.
  • Flooring - depending on what you will use your extra room for you may wish to consider wooden floorboards rather than chipboard flooring.
  • Lighting - careful consideration is need in where to site windows as well as electrical lighting as this will have a big effect on the feel of the finished room.
  • Heating & Ventilation - as you may have found when you've entered your loft, they can get extremely warm in the summer but can still be cold in the winter so some form of heating and ventilation will be required.

Regardless of which type of conversion you're looking for we can help you through the process, from suggesting possible alternatives to providing help with getting plans drawn and applying for planning permission if required. For more information or to discuss your requirements further please contact us.

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